Rejecting new vehicle on business lease

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      I took delivery of a Mercedes Vito Compact in December – within the first half hour, whilst getting familiar with the vehicle, I noticed it didn’t have ‘air conditioning’.

      The vehicle was purchased through a leasing broker who knew that I needed the vehicle to transport small children for my business. I had several optional extras added and at no time was I made aware that ‘air conditioning’ would not be fitted as standard in the vehicle.

      The brochure is very misleading and refers to ‘semi-automatic air conditioning in rear’ as an option. I believe the dealer was unaware that it wouldn’t come as standard.

      I am trying to reject the vehicle as I cannot afford to have air conditioning retrofitted and am absolutely amazed that a Mercedes-Benz would not have this as standard in a vehicle designed to transport people. There are insufficient windows to open to create air flow and if we have a summer like last year, then the vehicle would not be usable for its intended purpose.

      Can you advise me of my rights please – given this is a business leased vehicle?

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      Stuart MassonStuart Masson

      Hi Janey. I don’t think you have any rights here unless you can show that you have been mis-sold (ie – you have it in writing from either the broker or the dealer that the vehicle would have air conditioning and then it didn’t).

      From your description above, you seem to have assumed that the vehicle would come with air conditioning but not actually checked. It’s your responsibility to check all the available information to make sure that you’re buying a vehicle that suits your needs, rather than trying to blame the broker or the dealer.

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