Honda has revealed an electric micro delivery van made with 3D-printed body panels and cargo area at the CEATEC connected society exhibition earlier this month.

The Micro Commuter Vehicle was developed in collaboration with 3D printing specialists Kabuku, and will be used by Japanese confectionary maker Toshimaya to deliver its popular shortbread products.

Honda 3D-printed delivery van
Honda 3D-printed delivery van

The vehicle uses a chassis constructed from Honda’s rigid but lightweight pipe frame structure, which is used on the Honda MC-β ultra-compact EV in Japan. Unlike that vehicle, this one only has space for a driver and his cargo, with no passenger seat.

The Micro Commuter Vehicle is designed to cope with the narrow roads around Toshimaya’s head office in Kamakura, whilst providing an economical and eco-friendly advertising platform at the same time.

Measuring just 2.5m in length and 1.3m in width, the MCV has a range of approximately 50 miles. The exact number of shortbread biscuits that can fit in the cargo space has not been disclosed.

Honda and Kabuku Inc. unveil 3D Printed Micro Commuter Vehicle at CEATEC

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